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Enroll now for Kids Music Classes!

Enroll now for Kids Music Classes!


Learn to Burn is a music instruction studio in Spokane Washington offering

  • Electric Guitar Lessons
  • Acoustic Guitar Lessons
  • Bass Guitar Lessons
  • Drums Lessons
  • Voice Lessons
  • Keyboard Lessons
  • Piano Lessons
  • Banjo Lessons
  • Mandolin Lessons
  • Fiddle Lessons
  • Home Studio Recording
  • and more.


  • NEW Guitars
  • USED Guitars
  • NEW Amps
  • USED Amps
  • New and Used Effect Pedals
  • Guitar Accessories
  • Ludwig Drums

Some Brands we Sell

  • ESP® Electric and Acoustic Guitars
  • LTD Guitars and Basses
  • Michael Kelly Acoustics
  • LAG Acoustic Guitars
  • Blackstar Amps
  • Dean Markley Amps
  • Xotic Effect Pedals
  • Mooer Effect Pedals
  • Marsahll Amps
  • Stagg Acoustic Guitars
  • Boss Effect Pedals
  • MXR Effect Pedals
  • Dunlop Effect Pedals
  • LUDWIG drums
  • VOX Guitar Amps and Effects
  • Seymour Duncan Pickups
  • Planet Waves Accessories


  • Why No Make-up Lessons?May 31, 2015 - 1:55 am

    Make-Up Lessons From An Economist’s Point of View From Ottawa Suzuki Strings’ website Article Copyright © 2001 Vicky Barham I’m a parent of children enrolled in Suzuki music lessons. I’d like to explain to other parents why I feel – quite strongly, actually – that it is unreasonable of we parents to expect our teachers […]

  • Drum Beat – The 21-12 Kick BeatAugust 28, 2014 - 8:20 pm

    This is the 21-12 Beat for drummers, NOT the 2112 Beat so it has nothing to do with RUSH 😉 When played, the kick between the A of 4 and 1 sound like a double hit followed by a single hit, then after the snare there is 1 hit followed by a double hit, thus […]

  • Photos!May 21, 2013 - 10:40 pm

    [fbphotos id=10151570674590677 size=small]


    Drummers be Rockin’

    I have had some incredible students over the years. Here are a few photos I recently found ~ Gabe Burdett

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    5 Acoustic Friendly Keys

    Want to play almost anything on an acoustic guitar? This page holds some of the best secrets to sound like a pro right away!  

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    Peterson Guitar Chord Chart

    Complete with fingerings and tab explanations.

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    Pages of Chords in ULTIMATE CHORD CHART II. They don’t call it the ULTIMATE for nothin’

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    Relative Key Chart

    This chart shows relative chords for various keys.    

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