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Learn to Burn is proud to offer
ALL  THINGS  MUSIC workshop classes
with David Cebert

So, you want to learn more about music but don’t know where to start? All Things Music is about exploring music on your own terms, helping you understand music the way you want to, and showing you the tools to make music a bigger part of your life.

Maybe you’d like to learn how to play an instrument, or you already know how, but want to learn some of your favorite songs either by sheet music or ear…or even try writing some songs yourself. Maybe you want to learn how to make music on your computer, make it sound great and release it on Spotify, YouTube, TikToc, or Facebook and chart your own path in the music industry.

All Things Music and Learn To Burn School of Music can help you get there. If you’d rather learn with a larger group, All Things Music will be offering workshop classes that inspire group discussion, participation and musical explorations, all modeled after classes Dave has taught over the years as adjunct professor at Spokane Falls Community College. 

Your first consultation is free, so let’s find out what you want learn.

Workshop Class

Audio Production


Recording Basics:

  • Sound waves, the nature of sound, frequency and amplitude
  • Signal path

The Digital Universe:

  • Analog to digital (to analog)
  • Conversions/formats

From your instrument to the speakers:

  • Microphones and the myriad of choices
  • Line in direct signal


  • Different Choices: ProTools/Ableton/Cubase
  • Digital Interfaces

Chasing the Sound/Signal Processing:

  • Dynamic manipulation, compression, expansion, gating
  • SFX, delays and reverbs
  • Equalization

The Final Mix:

  • The mix space as an audio painting, how it all comes together

8 One Hour Classes for $399.00 (2 payments of $199.50)
Each class limited to 12 people

Workshop Class







What is a song and where does a song
come from?

  • The Melody
  • The Music
  • The Lyrics

A brief history of great songwriters:

  • The habits that made them great
  • How you can learn from listening

Why write songs?

  • Personal expression
  • Sharing who you are through music
  • Offering up your music to the world

How to own your vision and method of songwriting:

  • There is no cookie cutter method to songwriting
  • Being objective per your aspirations
  • Honing your craft

The tools used to realize your songs and music:

  • Recording on a phone
  • Using a full studio setup

8 One Hour Classes for $399.00 (2 payments of $199.50)
Each class limited to 12 people