This is the 21-12 Beat for drummers, NOT the 2112 Beat so it has nothing to do with RUSH 😉

When played, the kick between the A of 4 and 1 sound like a double hit followed by a single hit, then after the snare there is 1 hit followed by a double hit, thus the TwoOne -> OneTwo Kick beat. Listen to the following tracks and play along building your speed VERY SLOWLY. The more accurate you play the slow versions the better control you’ll have at the fast ones.

144BPM is the bench mark speed for FAST. Anything above 144 is just showing off, lol.

Download these files, add them to your iPod! Enjoy.


21-12 Beat – 144_288 BPM

21-12 Beat – 125_250 BPM

21-12 Beat – 100_200 BPM

21-12 Beat – 75_150 BPM

21-12 Beat – 57_114 BPM

21-12 Beat – 53_106 BPM

Metronome Tip: Two BPMs have been provided in the track titles, the first is Quarter Note click speed, and the second is the 8th Note click speed. Slow tempos are easier to learn while practicing with the faster 8th note click. Use the Quarter note click to refine feel after the beat has been learned.

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