Noree Dolphay

Voice, Piano 

Hey singers! My name is Noree Dolphay, and I want to help you sing sweeter, stronger, and smarter. My students range from ages 10-87, and they sing all genres of music. I can help you strengthen your voice while keeping it free, healthy, and flexible so you can make the most expressive, powerful, and creative sounds possible!

Noree holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Whitworth University, and a Master of Music degree from Eastern Washington University. Both of her degrees are in Vocal Performance, and she has also done a great deal of special research in Vocal Pedagogy, the study of teaching singing. In addition to Noree’s training in classical music and singing, she specializes in singing and teaching Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM). CCM is a new branch of Vocal Pedagogy related to healthy, free, commercial sounds like Musical Theatre, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Country, Blues, you name it!

Noree is one of the only teachers in the Inland Northwest with both a classical academic background and specific training in CCM pedagogy. She is the only person in the area who has received Level 3 Certification in Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method from the CCM Institute.