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Lesson Rates and Lesson Policy

Your interest has brought you here, and our staff is ready to assist you in learning to play, read, understand, and appreciate all aspects of music as it applies to your instrument. Regular lesson attendance is important! Your lesson time slot is set aside for you and you only. We approach teaching music with a very upbeat attitude. Please note that to see any sort of progress on your instrument you, the student, should be willing to put in at least thirty minutes of practice time every day. If you miss your scheduled lesson time you put a damper on steady progress and enjoyable singing or playing. Please be prompt and attentive. Learn to Burn does not give refunds.

By attending as a student, you agree to the following policies.

Tuition Rates and Fees

Lessons are once per week at a set time slot, and tuition is due at the first lesson of each month.

  • 4 half-hour lessons in a month – $150
    • Reduced to $120 when that month only contains 3 weekly lessons (due to holidays or instructor’s schedule)
  • 4 hour-long lessons in a month – $280
    • Families with 2 students taking from the same instructor for back-to-back 1/2 hr lessons qualify for this pricing too.

À la carte lessons for non-enrolled students and additional lessons for enrolled students

  • Half-hour lesson – $40
  • Hour lesson – $80

Learn to Burn does not offer refunds or credits for missed lessons. Your teacher will charge a $10 per week late fee for every week payment is not received in full after the first lesson of the month.

A $35 fee will be charged for all returned checks.

Student Concerts and Recitals

Learn to Burn offers performance opportunities for our students in the form of recitals and concerts.

All students under 18 years old are expected to perform at least once per year, and adult students are strongly encouraged to participate! Recital fees will be set by the staff and may differ from event to event. Some recitals will be free for audience members and some will require tickets.

Supplies and Transportation

Students should arrive and depart from lessons on time. Parents, please be prompt in picking up your child.If you are unable to attend due to transportation issues, ask your teacher about attending a virtual lesson during your scheduled time spot.

Each teacher has a different list of supplies that you will need to bring to your lesson. In general:

  • Guitar students will need to bring their instrument, picks, notebook, tuner, and any handouts that have been given.
  • Drum students will need to bring their sticks and a notebook.
  • Voice students will need to bring a water bottle and 3-ring binder containing handouts, lyrics, sheet music, and notebook paper.
  • Piano students will need to bring their books and a notebook.
Cancelled or Missed Lessons

There are no refunds or make-up lessons for missed or cancelled lessons.

Your lesson time is very important not only to you the student but also to your instructor. No one can fill your spot so please mark your calendar every week for your lesson. It is the student’s responsibility to find transportation to and from his or her lesson, or ask to attend virtually for that week at your scheduled time. Do not cancel due to lack of practice. Please let your teacher know if you are running late or will not make your lesson. Do not expect that we can reschedule you, especially if you cancel the day of the lesson. If your teacher has an open time available, and if you give us enough advance notice, we may be able to move your lesson to a different time, but there are no guarantees. If your instructor misses a lesson, he or she will offer a make-up lesson or credit your account for the following month. You can read why we have this policy HERE.

Photo and Video Policy

Learn to Burn, our teachers, and associated partners regularly photograph events, rehearsals, and lessons. These images and videos can be used to adorn our walls at the lesson studio, be posted on social media, or might even make it to digital videos like DVDs, posters, or other promotional materials.

By default, students who agree with our policies when beginning lessons at Learn to Burn agree to the following photo and video policy. If you strongly object to parts of the policy detailed below—please message us and ‘opt-out of photo and video policy’ and include the parts you take issue with so we can honor your concerns.

For Students and Family/Guardians

Photos and videos of students can be taken during your lesson. Photos and videos of teachers may be taken during lessons with the understanding that it will be used to aid students in practicing and executing new skills during their rehearsal times outside of their scheduled lesson. Any sharing of video recorded during a lesson publicly and/or on social media, should be cleared with the teacher first. Please ask for their permission.

To honor the learning process and retain a safe environment, we ask that NO video recording be done during group rehearsals at Learn to Burn, unless to be used for student’s private benefit to prepare for a concert. Videos at concerts are encouraged and are freely at your discretion for distribution, as these videos are your property and are a great way to share how far your student has come in learning their instrument.

Photo and Video Release

Students who agreed to our policies agree to an absolute, and irrevocable permission to use, reproduce, print, and/or publish my name, likeness, image, voice, and/or appearance in any media, including but not limited to photographs, video recordings, audiotapes, digital images in which I may be included intact or in part, composite or distorted in character, sound or form, without restriction as to changes or transformations in conjunction with your own or a fictitious name, or reproduction hereof. You agree that the Material may be used for any purpose consistent with the Learn to Burn’s mission of helping student learn to love and play music, including in news releases, advertisements, publications, marketing campaigns, media coverage, videos, Web sites, billboards, and any other promotional or educational materials compiled by or on behalf of the Learn to Burn.

Students should understand and agree that the Learn to Burn has and will have complete ownership of the Material, and that students will not receive any compensation for the use of the Material. Students release the Learn to Burn from any and all claims arising out of their use of the Material as agreed to in this document, including without limitation any claims based on the right of publicity or privacy, misappropriation or misuse of image, and/or defamation, including liability by virtue of any blurring, distortion, alteration, optical illusion, or use in composite form whether intentional or otherwise. You further hereby waive any future right to prior review of any use of the Material.



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