Music s a language, and how do you get better at speaking a language, than being immersed in the culture. How do you get better at playing music? By playing with others, in rehearsals and performances playing in front of friends and family.

We traditionally have concerts each Spring and Fall in Churches and Concert halls—like the Knitting Factory and the Bing Crosby theater.

ltb-dvdsYou can order DVDs of select performances for $20ea.


Highlights from our
at The Bing Crosby Theater

Killer photos by Gary Peterson Photography!!!

Interested in print quality photos*? (details below photos)

*Students and family of students, if you’re interested in hi-resolution photos for print ~ “Please contact me and I will provide your photos. There is a $15 research fee. In most cases, I will also be able to provide you more photos than what are shown in the Bing Concert Highlights gallery above.” ~ Gabe Burdett