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WELCOME! Your interest has brought you here and our staff is ready to assist you in learning to play, read, understand, and appreciate all aspects of music as it applies to your instrument. Regular lesson attendance is important! And your lesson time is set a side for you and you only. Learn To Burn approaches teaching music with a very upbeat approach. Please note that to see any sort of progress on your instrument you (the student) should be willing to put a half-hour, minimum practice time, each day on your respective instrument. If you miss your scheduled lesson time you put a damper on steady progress and enjoyable playing. Please be prompt and attentive, as Learn to Burn does not give refunds.

Please ask your instructor about our referral service for players who would like to jam with other musicians.

Carefully read and remember the following policy:


Payment, in full, is due on the first lesson of every month, no exceptions. Instruction fees are based on a 4 lesson per monthly basis of $80.00. If lessons fall on a day of the month where there is 5 lesson days in that month, the fee will be $100.00. Gratuity greatly appreciated but not required. Payment in full is due by the student on the 1st lesson of the month regardless of whether the student will be attending all the lessons. There will be a $5.00 per week late fee for every week payment is not paid in full after the first lesson of the month, ALSO A $25.00 FEE WILL BE CHARGED FOR ALL RETURNED CHECKS, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Cancelled or missed lessons:

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR MAKE-UP’S FOR MISSED OR CANCELLED LESSONS. Your lesson time is very important not only to you the student but also to your instructor. No one can fill your spot so please mark your calendar on a weekly basis for your lesson. It’s the student’s responsibility to find transportation to and from his or her lesson. DO NOT CALL THE DAY OF THE LESSON TO RESCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT, NO MAKE-UP WILL BE GIVEN. Also please do not call to cancel or reschedule due to lack of practice. A makeup will be provided for any lesson missed by your instructor. Two weeks notice is required prior to withdrawing from our school. Payment for missed lessons shall be made. Learn To Burn cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. Please be careful with your personal belongings.

Supplies and transportation:

Guitar and bass students will need to bring their instrument, picks, notebook, and any handouts that have been given. Drum students will need to bring their sticks and a notebook. Students should arrive and depart from lessons on time. Parents, please be prompt in picking up your child.?

Once again, thanks for selecting Learn To Burn School Of Music!!!


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