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We offer a variety of private lessons for all skill levels.


The first lesson:





Drum and Drum Set Lessons

The first lesson: The first lesson is the same for all drummers, for beginner or advanced students. We cover the drummer’s number one job in a band, which is to “keep time”. We explore what “time” is and how we can provide that to our band. We cover time signatures and why the drummer is the most responsible for understanding time signatures. Then we’ll breakdown how music is written, counted, and expressed on paper—and why we benefit from written music. Then we get into the good stuff, we start to play. Learn the name of all the drums and cymbals, and get to play the Standard Rock Beat. Yes, that’s the first lesson—in 30 mins and you’ll be playing the standard rock beat which covers most songs played on the radio today.

~ Gabe Burdett