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Roy Jackson and gang have a real hit with Learn to Burn School of Music. Every time I’m there, Roy is with a student and totally engaged in seeing that the student is getting the attention He/She needs. Top quality in every way. We even had their band, Brown Sugar and Cream, play for a party a the house. Unbelievable!!! Every one had a great time. I totally recommend Learn to burn for all your music needs.
~ Dave E.

Learn-to-Burn’s instructors are all professional, working musicians who understand music and the music business not only in theory but in practice. Learn to Burn also offers great deals and expert advice on a wide variety of instruments and gear for professional and hobbyists alike.
~ Janet R.

Although I was only a student with Noree for a short time, due to my leaving for a long term trip, my experience with her as a teacher, and person, was nothing but positive! I came having had little teaching in music and singing specifically, but Noree took what I knew and felt I needed to work on, and grew my skill, technique, and understanding of singing. She allowed me to express where I felt I was as far as skill and how I felt about what she was teaching me as I practiced the tools she gave me. Noree is an incredibly skilled woman that teaches with humility and well-earned authority. Aside from that, she also has a very fun personality and can take even the quietest of people (me) and help them find a confidence in their skill! I thoroughly enjoyed and grew from my time with Noree and I would definitely encourage others to make use of her wonderful teaching!
~ L Jones

Learn To Burn is a great place for music lessons! I have been taking guitar lessons from Roy for four years and can attest to the staff’s teaching abilities. As an older student wanting to restart my guitar learning after decades of absence, I feel very much at home with the instructors at LTB. I appreciate Roy’s balanced emphasis on skill-building drills, improvisation techniques and music theory as well as learning songs. He is very patient with questions yet is a very enthusiastic teacher. If you are thinking about music lessons, I highly recommend Learn To Burn.
~ Dave P.

I wanted to take a moment and comment on how much my daughter is enjoying her vocal lessons with Noree Dolphay. Ashley is singing constantly and truly enjoys her lessons with Noree!!! As a mother, I appreciate Noree’s ability to focus specifically on areas that need improving. For example, Noree accurately identified Ashley’s struggle with Rhythm. Noree is helping Ashley improve on Rhythm and is helping her reach her best vocal potential. Noree is an excellent teacher, a great role model, and appreciate how she is investing in my daughter. Ashley is growing with each vocal lesson and am grateful for Noree.
~ Carrie B.

All the instructors are very professional and courteous, I highly recommend them no matter your playing level. They have a great way of challenging you without making you feel like a dummy. Also has a great selection of music gear, from extremely high end gear to beginner stuff.
~ jonesyfriedful


Roy and his clan of musical bandits are a blast. If you are looking for guitar, drum or maybe you are not sure what to play, these guys will help. Roy teaches my son the guitar, he teaches me how to rock. come on down and check them out before you buy!!
~ D. Flewelling

Absolutely the BEST place to learn Music! Roy is so caring and patient . No matter what your level of knowledge, the dream of learning music is as important to the staff at Learn2Burn as it is to you. If not more!
~ Susan D.

Great place for music instruction! I owe all my music prowess to Roy Jackson and his guitar instruction. He was instrumental in taking the band “Snot BAd” to new levels!

Rock On!
~ Neil Giddings


I have been taking lessons at Learn To Burn for awhile now. Roy makes learning guitar loads of fun! Would highly recommend them for anyone thinking about taking lessons, regardless of the level they are at. Great for beginners as well as those who have been playing for years.
~ Christina Michelle



To whom it may concern, All of the staff at learn to Burn School of Music are all highly regarded in their respective fields, Be it guitar, vocal instruction, percussion, and Bass and Keyboard instruction, All of the staff have varying degrees of university education and academic degrees from various colleges and other learning centers of education.I would highly recommend any student with a interest in any field of music to take full advantage of the staff at Learn to Burn School of Music.
~ D. Nolan


Came here looking for an amp and ended taking lessons here as well. I’m very happy with what I have learned so far and look forward to learning more music theory with Roy who’s one of the cool instructors. The selection in musical gear is pretty good and there’s lots of guitar pedals and a fairly good batch of amps and guitars too. I would recommend going here for a good instrument to start playing music with and to learn from the cool guys who teach here.
~ Blake B.


Learn to burn are music professionals that really know their job and art! Roy took me under his wing and helped me with guitar. He has been nice and very patient.

Learning music is a life long dream, it is good therapy for veterans and I highly recommend veterans consider taking lessons in something from learn to burn.

You will learn things here you will not learn anywhere else. I could not imagine going anywhere else for music lessons!
~ Mr. C. Potter Jr